In PR, it is not just about how wide a public you reach, but how deep a relationship you build.

Our Story

As brands reach out to consumers, Bridges PR gives consumers a reason to reach back. We believe that the right question isn't 'What can we get out of the consumers?' Instead, we always ask, 'What can we give them?'

All the campaigns we create and execute have a common focus — providing an emotional and experiential take-out for the target audience. In other words, Bridges PR builds a brand's reputation in the consumers' minds with a campaign that they can cherish. We don't just introduce you to the public; we connect you.

Since our inception in 1990, Bridges PR has been bridging the gap between brands and consumers. Our clients comprise of multinational FMCG and luxury brands. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we are savvy with what makes the media and consumers tick. This gives us the edge to create result-orientated campaigns for our clients.

Our Services

Communications Strategy

Good communications ideas should not just leverage on PR. Besides building a brand's reputation through mass media coverage, we go beyond our core strengths in public relations to integrate our campaign ideas with other marketing mix. This is to help our clients to reach out to their target consumers in an effective 360° manner.

Media Relations and Media Management

Our long-standing relationship with the local media allows us to understand what kind of content best pique the editors' interests. Thus, our events and campaigns are frequently featured in print, digital and broadcast media.

Bloggers Outreach Programme

The best bloggers' reviews come from the heart. Bridges PR specialises in helping web personalities understand a brand and grow to love what it offers. We value credibility over popularity among bloggers, and our focus is to find quality bloggers who will best fit your brand's identity.

Content Development and Editorial Services

Aside from coordinating with the media throughout a campaign, our expertise is also in producing relevant and enticing information for placements in various media. This includes print advertorial writing, social media seeding, video production concept and script development, and more.

Event Management

The Bridges PR team believes in being 100% involved in every stage of the campaign. Hence, we are hands-on in all our media events to ensure they stay true to the clients' expectations.

Celebrities and key Opinion Leaders Management

Sometimes, star power is great at getting the message across. Other times, it is the expert opinions that count. Not only do we have vast experience in finding the right celebrity match for brands, we also work closely with doctors, dermatologists, fashion designers, nutritionists, psychologists, academics and other credible individuals who can lend their expertise to a particular campaign.

Our Strengths

Developing the right angle to hook maximum attention
While we enjoy a friendly relationship with editors in the local media, this is not enough to sway the discerning newspeople to feature a campaign. It's not just about who you know, but what you can give them that is worthy for the limited media space they have. At Bridges PR, we specialise in selling a brand from a unique angle, thus scoring coverage with a fresh story that the newsroom craves.
Long-standing ties with the local media, particularly the Malay media
Our two decades in the industry has helped us built a strong bond with the local media. In Malaysia, in which ethnic Malays comprise some 60% of the population, our close working relationship with the Malay media is especially valuable for brands that wish to target the biggest segment of the market in the country.
Reaching out to women consumers of all age groups
From cosmetics to panty liners to hair removal creams to skin care products, we have created successful campaigns for brands catering to almost every stage of a woman's life cycle. We keenly study women's desires and needs, as well as the factors that they consider when choosing a certain brand for themselves and their loved ones - such as baby care products, infant milk formula, food and beverages, women's beauty and personal care products, and so on.
Enthusiastic and passionate team
Public relations thrive on adventurous ideas to capture attention. The young (and young-at-heart) at Bridges PR strives to explore refreshing strategies that spark curiosity and conversation, while keeping true to the brand's core identity. After all, if you make others snooze, you lose.
We are grateful for the opportunities and experiences gained from working with clients of very diverse fields, including baby care, skin care, makeup, hair care, mouth hygiene, eyewear, slimming & spa, automotive, dairy, food and beverages, fashion retailer, chartered accountants, industrial manufacturers and many more.

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